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Please contact your local Mirostone distributor to place an order. For more information on your local distributors, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the form below.

Mirostone® is heat resistant, however like most solid surface worktop materials Mirostone® can be damaged by sudden and rapid surface temperature changes (thermal shock).


We always recommend placing hot pots, oven trays and fry pans onto a wooden chopping board or similar object to absorb the heat.

As per above, we recommend that electric fry pans, air fryers and slow cookers are also used on a similar object and not directly on the worktop as these can also produce extremely high levels of heat which can lead to cracking.

Mirostone Solid Surfaces are scratch resistant however they are not scratch proof and scratches can present themselves over time (it’s important to note this is the case for almost all benchtop products in the market).

Where Mirostone sets itself apart is the ability of being able to be sanded and renewed with ease bringing them back to a brand new finish.

What’s even better is that because they are 100% crystalline silica free, there is no risk when renewing these within your home for many years to come!

Mirostone is designed to be used internally and does not have a high UV tolerance. For this reason, Mirostone should not be used outdoors. For additional technical information please refer to the MSDS located on the downloads tab.

Please refer to the videos on our ‘Downloads’ Tab.

Applications such as breakfast bars sometimes require a certain overhang . The permitted overhang dimension must be determined by a professional cabinet maker or trades person, and is dependent on many factors relevant to the particular application.

Mirostone benchtop overhangs of 300mm or less are unlikely to require additional support depending on the application. All overhangs greater than 300mm will require either steel support bars/support brackets or 18mm MDF substrate to ensure adequate support of the Mirostone benchtop.It is important that prior to installing a Mirostone Benchtop, all cabinets are level and that the Mirostone benchtop will be supported adequately.

All spans over 600mm must be supported at the front by ensuring that the rail is installed vertically to eliminate any flexing of the Mirostone product. If the front rail of the cabinet cannot be rotated to a vertical position, then the suggested method of support, is to insert a 20mm square tube behind the front rail, which would be routered into the top of the carcase ends.

** Mirostone is manufactured using modified acrylic polymer, and overtime will slightly distort to a minimum / maximum tolerance of approximately 1.5mm per meter after installation.

Mirostone® is a non-porous surface meaning that it is water and stain resistant. If you do spill something on your surface we recommend wiping the worktops with warm soapy water and a damp cloth. In addition, the Unika Solid Surface Worktop Cleaner is specially formulated to remove the most stubborn stains on your tops. Whilst Mirostone® is tough, it is not indestructible. Use of the product outside of the guidelines referred to in the installation guide can cause unnecessary damage. We always recommend using a cutting board when preparing food and never cutting directly on the Mirostone® surface to avoid blunting kitchen knives or damaging the surface of your bench top.

Mirostone can be used as a splashback in a wet area or in a kitchen environment, so long as there is no cooktop or oven on that run.

Please ensure the walls are sufficiently supported to handle the weight as 20mm thick Mirostone can be very heavy in a vertical application for splashbacks.

As Mirostone sheets can vary by batch it is difficult to match the veins / patterns within the surfaces.

For this reason we recommend avoiding butt joins in any decor which has a unique or directional pattern (such as Alpine and Bianco Marble).