Crystalline Silica Free - the safest surface

Not only is Mirostone crystalline silica free, it is also a completely safe surface on which to prepare and eat food. Mirostone is easy to clean and waterproof so harmful germs are prevented from being harboured on the surface.

Renewable and

Mirostone is a modified acrylic meaning unlike stone composites and other surfaces in the market, it can be repaired and renewed with ease.


Mirostone can be safely installed in your home using standard woodworking tools so therefore successfully avoids all the time consuming delays and inconvenience of other surfaces. It is delivered with and installed at the same time as your kitchen, getting you back into your home sooner!

Perfect for all
wet areas

Because Mirostone is a solid work surface with no chipboard core, it is completely waterproof and hygienic making it the perfect solid surface benchtop for your kitchens, laundries and vanities.

Colour all the
way through

Mirostone’s colourful stone effects are not just skin deep, they run consistently throughout its thickness. So now you can have uniquely stylish and practical worksurface features.

The feel of
natural stone

Mirostone® replicates the beautiful look and feel of natural stone, touch it and find out! It is cool to the touch and it’s authentic, naturally inspired designs blend elegantly with kitchens of all styles.

You’re in safe hands

Don’t worry, our products
are Crystalline Silica free

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Mirostone is a range of Solid Surface benchtops which are 100% crystalline silica free.

The safety of consumers and those working with our products is paramount in every decision we make.

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